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Frozen Tofu

Frozen tofu will form porous holes due to its internal structure. While you are putting it in soup or cooking, these holes can absorb soup or sauce, making frozen tofu more delicious. The juice of the insite will be erupted when you bite, because of the porous structure, the frozen tofu tastes chewier, making people who have eaten it more want to continue eating.

Suitable for hot pot: stewing, boiling, stir-fry.

Suitable menu : Spicy hotpot, noodle soup, Tom Yum soup, hot pot, and all kinds of soups!

Storage method : Keeping in the refrigerator freezer, it can be stored for a year.

(It’s a natural product. Guaranteed not to add preservatives, sterilized after vacuum packaging, it effectively blocks exposure to air and extends shelf life.)

Weight: 440 grams, 2 pieces/pack.