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Spiced Tofu

Spiced tofu is selected from a variety of authentic medicinal materials, after using natural soy sauce to marinate, the spiced tofu has absorbed the marinade, the taste is soft and tender, and the fragrance is full of tofu!

Suitable for: you can steam it for slicing, and then dipping sauce to eat or you can stir-frying to make food.

Suitable menu : Such as fried noodles, braised tofu, and various dishes.

Storage method : Keeping in the refrigerator, the temperature of the refrigerator compartment is between 2-5 degrees. It can be stored for 20 days.

(It’s a natural product. Guaranteed not to add preservatives, sterilized after vacuum packaging, it effectively blocks exposure to air and extends shelf life.)

Weight: 260 grams, 2 pieces/pack.